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May 7, 2014
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May 7, 2014

City of New Westminster appoints directors for New Media Gallery set to open in September at Anvil Centre

New Westminster – The City of New Westminster is pleased to announce the appointment of Sarah Joyce and Gordon Duggan, the new Director/Curator team for New Media Gallery at Anvil Centre. New Media Art is contemporary art that uses new media and technology instead of traditional media including video art, sound art, light art, robotic art and web art. The work often poses questions about technology and can be responsive, collaborative or interactive. In their new roles, Sarah and Gordon will develop and manage New Media Gallery functions and programs, as well as curate exhibitions.

“I’m very excited that Anvil Centre will be home to New Westminster’s first new media art gallery and to have Sarah and Gordon on board,” said Mayor Wayne Wright. “Both New Media Gallery and their appointment are exciting additions to the City’s evolving cultural landscape.”

Sarah and Gordon bring a wealth of national and international experience and education in art museums and galleries as well as extensive backgrounds in the arts, design, visual culture, arts management, education and conservation. While working in new media art at the prestigious Tate Gallery and Lisson Gallery, London, they collaborated with some of the world’s most distinguished contemporary artists and galleries.  They have a proven track record of developing international standards of quality. 

“Artists have always been innovators, using the latest technology to reflect the human story,” said Sarah Joyce. “40,000 years ago we were making images on cave walls using unconventional materials. Today, new media artists continue to experiment with new materials and technology. The history of art is really the history of creativity and innovation.” 

Sarah and Gordon’s combined talent and experience go hand in hand with a strong desire to share their passion for contemporary art.  When New Media Gallery opens in September at the Anvil Centre it promises to be a captivating experience. 

“It’s experiential…it involves all the senses,” said Gordon Duggan.  “It moves, makes noise, lights up, interacts and communicates.  This is art that plugs into the wall, but also plugs into our emotions, our imaginations and our collective memories.  The response we’ve received from the community has been overwhelmingly positive.”



Rob McCullough, Manager, Cultural Services