Accessibility Features


Centennial Community Centre

- Accessible main floor
- no wheelchair access to lower floor

Century House - fully accessible
Financial Assistance - Financial & Accessibility Assistance Programs
Moody Park Arena - fully accessible

Queensborough Community

- fully accessible including an elevator to the fitness centre
Queen's Park Arena - fully accessible
- wheelchair lifts in seating area
Queen's Park Sportsplex - fully accessible
Youth Centre - fully accessible
Friendship Gardens - partly accessible with hard-packed trails
Glenbrook Ravine - asphalt access to pond & garden
- partly accessible with hard-packed trail to ravine
Grimston Park  - perimeter accessibility with hard-packed trail to playground and wadding pool
Hume Park - Upper Hume is accessible
- Lower Hume has limited accessibility 
Mercer Stadium - accessibility to the track but not bleachers
Moody Park - accessible
Queen's Park - accessible trails, picnic tables, playground & off-leash dog area
Port Royal Park - accessible
Sapperton Landing - partly accessible with hard-packed trails
- no accessible washroom available
Sapperton Park

- perimeter accessibility

Terry Hughes Park - accessible
Waterfront Esplanade - accessible
Westminster Pier Park - accessible

All Recreation Centres offer handicap parking, accessible doors and washrooms.

Park accessibility means corresponding trails, parking and washrooms can accommodate wheelchairs.