birds on a branch

This large scale public art installation depicts songbirds resting on branches and is a playful counterpoint to the industrial façade of the Parkade and the working riverfront. These monumental fragments of the natural world introduce something lighthearted, gentle and domestic.  The large scale mural transforms the façade of the utilitarian Parkade into an iconic image visible from Westminster Pier Park, the Fraser River and the Skybridge.

About the artists:

A Collaborative Art Practice Site Specific Art in the Public Realm

Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew are visual artists who have worked collaboratively since 1997. Their background interests are varied: Nancy’s in drawing, painting, printmaking, curating and teaching; Jacqueline’s in photography, archaeology and literature. They met through common interests in design, public space, landscape and cultural thought. These disciplines and influences come together to create an art practice that is conceptual yet grounded in place. Their practice is centred on the public realm, an exploration of place, perception and culture.

Jacqueline Metz & Nancy Chew
Installation year:
Primary materials:
LuciteLux, stainless steel hog rings
Front Street Parkade
560 Columbia Street
New Westminster, BC