rorschach/sentinel is based on a profile of a large merchant ship that was vital to the Allied war effort. Such ships docked at the New Westminster port and contributed to the labour history and economic development of the city. The artwork also refers to the iconic Rorschach test. The contemplation of ‘found’ images and patterns, edited in some way – by selection, placement, juxtaposition - alters meaning, each of us selecting and interpreting what we see.

About the artists:

A Collaborative Art Practice Site Specific Art in the Public Realm

Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew are visual artists who have worked collaboratively since 1997. Their background interests are varied: Nancy’s in drawing, painting, printmaking, curating and teaching; Jacqueline’s in photography, archaeology and literature. They met through common interests in design, public space, landscape and cultural thought. These disciplines and influences come together to create an art practice that is conceptual yet grounded in place. Their practice is centred on the public realm, an exploration of place, perception and culture.
Jacqueline Metz and Nancy Chew
Primary materials:
Powder Coated Aluminum
250 Columbia Street, New Westminster, BC.