Development Permit Areas - Queensborough

Six categories of Development Permit Areas are identified in the OCP. Each category is based on a prominent land use or mix of uses.

Where a parcel falls within more than one Development Permit Area, one Development Permit may be issued if the guidelines for each Development Permit Area are addressed in the Development Permit.

Single detached dwellings constructed on lots equal to or greater than 371.6 square metres (4,000 square feet) are not required to comply with the guidelines below, with the exception of the guidelines in the Flood Hazard Development Permit Area.

A. Commercial and Mixed-Use (Introduction and Map)

  1. Queensborough Main Street
  2. Queensborough Commercial
  3. Queensborough Casino


B. Residential (Introduction and Map)

  1. Ewen Avenue Multi-Family
  2. Compact Lot
  3. East Queensborough
  4. Port Royal
  5. Queensborough Eastern Node


C. Industrial and Mixed Employment (Introduction and Map)

  1. Queensborough Industrial and Mixed Employment
  2. Intertidal


D. Natural Features (Introduction and Map)

  1. North Arm - Bay Area


E. Natural Hazard (Introduction and Map)

  1. Flood Hazard


F. Comprehensive Development (Introduction and Map)

  1. Queensborough Comprehensive Development