Picnic Shelters

There are five parks that offer accessible picnic shelters conveniently adjacent to playgrounds, washrooms, green spaces, accessible paths and waste receptacle bins. Fire restrictions limit cooking to propane and charcoal barbecues and during a fire ban are not to be used at all. No briquette receptacles are available. Users must take out what they take in.

Queen's Park

The Queen's Park large shelter has 14 picnic tables (2 wheel chair accessible) that can host 150 guests. Queen's Park also has a second smaller shelter with 4 picnic tables accommodating up to 50 participants. Additional amenities include Treats Concession, sports fields, tennis and spray park.

Call 604.777.5111 to book.

Hume Park

The Lower Hume Park picnic shelter is available for booking, 604.777.5111. Additional amenities include the beautiful adjacent Brunette-Fraser River Trail, tennis and Hume Park. Picnic shelter photo.

Port Royal Park

The Port Royal Park picnic shelter offers 8 tables seating 64 guests in this beautiful new park in Queensborough. Additional amenities include power, bike racks, fountains and the Port Royal River Walk. Picnic Shelter photo.

Call 604.777.5111 to book.

Ryall Park

The Ryall Park picnic shelter offers 7 picnic tables that seat 56 guests. Additional amenities include the Queensborough Community Centre, Boro All Wheel Park, tennis, sports fields and a spray park. Picnic shelter photo.

Call 604.777.5111 to book.

Old Schoolhouse Park

The Old Schoolhouse Park picnic shelter is booked through the Queensborough Community Centre, 604.777.5111. Picnic shelter photo.