Filming in New Westminster

With an abundance of upscale heritage homes dating back to the 1890s, picturesque streets, mid-century modern gems, and campus-like park settings, New Westminster can easily play any part in any era!

From New York and Seattle to California and Alaska, Montreal and San Francisco, downtown is lined with heritage buildings, gritty streetscapes, and majestic riverfront locations--all within a 10 block radius!

With intimate knowledge and insights, the Filming Office provides personalized location and permit assistance for filming in New Westminster with a one-stop-shop service to make your filming experience smooth and enjoyable and help you find the perfect location.

  • If you are interested in filming in New Westminster, please complete the online request form below or contact the Film Office to discuss your circumstances. 


  • Processing Filming Permits

    Application Submission
    Step 1 Contact Film Office to discuss the scope of your proposed work, including your requested dates, locations, City Services requests, parking and equipment needs, footprint, etc. 
    Step 2 Production reviews policies and procedures, film bylaw, and code of conduct then completes the online application.
    Step 3
    1. Filming Coordinator approaches City staff with location request.
    2. Production to contact staff to review on site request.
    3. Quote of civic location services generated by City facility staff.  
    Step 4 Production conducts tech survey and invites Filming Coordinator.
    Step 5 Production submits neighbourhood letter and map to Filming Coordinator for approval.
    Step 6 Poll neighbourhood if necessary in accordance with the City’s film policies and procedures section 4.3. Polling is required when; filming multiple days, filming outside curfew, special effects or loud noises and road closures.
    Step 7 Filming Coordinator contacts applicable City Services (Police, Fire, Electrical, Sign Shop, etc.) using information from neighbourhood letter and map.
    Step 8 Costs are determined using the fee schedule.
    Application Review and Issuing Permit
    THEN   Draft permit is issued. Any necessary changes can be made at this time. 
    THEN  Permit is paid for in full (prior to filming) at City Hall; any changes after permit is issued will be subject to a $300 fee.
    Refunding Deposit
    THEN  Once the project has been completed, City Services (Police, etc.) additional fees and fines are calculated.
    THEN  The City will process any additional costs, a refund cheque will be issued to production.