Filming Fees

Filming Fees

Filming License Fee $275.00
Multiple Locations on the same Permit $50.00 / additional location
Daily Inspection Fee $100.00/day
Damage Deposit (City Property) $1,000 - $10,000 pending scope of filming
Street Occupancy $200.00/block face/day
Meter Charges (In Addition to Street Occupancy) $10.00/meter/day
Signage $100.00/block/face
Use of Fire hydrant

$100.00/hydrant/day for Fire Safety

$250.00/hydrant/day for Wet Down

Municipal Services - i.e. sewer access, towing, snow removal, etc. $75.00/hour (min)
Business License (In lieu fee) $150.00/year
City Hall Interior $5,000.00/day
City Hall Interior (prep & wrap) $1,000.00/day
Civic Buildings Exteriors By Quote
Anvil Centre By Quote
Parking Infraction $200.00/occurrence/day
Damage Deductions Cost of materials, 2x cost of labour & administration and taxes
Set Supervision by City Staff 2x employees Collective Agreement rate
Civic Location Fee (not listed) By Quote

Administration Fees

Administration 15% on all charges

GST# 119439503RT0001

5% on all charges

Parks and Recreation Fees

Use of City Parks By Quote
Use of Facilities By Quote
Parking Lot Rental $750.00 or $1,000/24 hours
Garbage Disposal $50.00/bin
Performance Deposit $1,000.00
Use of Irving House $1,000.00 / day

Police Fees

Deposit to Cover Policing
(# of officers x # of hours x $150)
(4 hours minimum)
Administration & Tax 10% on actual policing costs plus GST
Police Vehicle used as a Filming Prop (by request and pending availability) $35.00/hour plus GST

Fire Fees

Pumper Truck
(Includes 3 Firefighters & 1 Captain)
By Quote
(4 hours min.)
Ladder Truck
(Includes 3 Firefighters & 1 Captain)
By Quote
(4 hour min.)
Fire Inspector
(Pyrotechnics, Special Effects, License, Permit & Site Safety Plan)
$100.00 / hour
Fire Vehicle Rental (Prop)
(Includes Certified Emergency Vehicle Operator)
(4 hour min.)
Rescue Truck, Fire Hall Rental, Turnout Clothing & Other Equipment Rentals call for quote
Performance Deposit $1,000.00 - $20,000
Administration Fee 10% of all fees

Fraser Cemetery Fees

Preparation & Wrap Days $750 / day
Filming Days $1,500 / day
Cemetery Staff (4 hour minimum) $75.00 / hour or $100.00 / hour for
overtime (per staff member)
Graveside Props $300 / day
Cemetery Equipment Use call for quote
Cemetery Use of Buildings as Interior
$500 / day
Filming Coordinator Administration 15%