Ewen Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project

Construction alerts

Signage and flaggers will be in place to help navigate people around a given area of work. This work is weather dependent and subject to change.

Project Task




Asphalt Speed humps (Boundary Rd to Hampton St)
Line painting (Boundary rd to Gifford St)
Signage Installation (Boundary Rd to Gifford st)
Concrete works (Boundary Rd to Gifford St)
Multi-Use Path Prep (Phillips St to Gifford St)
Ewen Ave (Boundary to Hampton) November 12th, 2018 - November  19th, 2018 Day time road closure along Ewen Avenue between Boundary - Gifford.  Detours in place. On-street parking impact; Single-Lane alternating traffic between Hampton Street and Gifford Street.  Buses will be given priority. Full Closure (24hr/day) of Boundary to Phillips till November 30th. No access through this zone except for buses starting November 12th.
All works are weather dependent and subject to change
Line Painting Ewen Ave (Boundary to Hampton) Sunday November 11th  Start 9 am - 5 pm Localized detours to pedestrians, cyclists and vehicular traffic and minor interruption to surrounding businesses and residents.

Construction disruption

We thank you for your patience during this necessary work. We will endeavor to minimize disruptions; however, given the nature of the work, some disruption is inevitable. Parking concerns are being monitored closely and will be dealt with on a case-by-case basis. Traffic detours are in place to allow safe movement of vehicles, pedestrians, cyclists and transit and to ensure the safety of construction crews. Please continue to follow parking signs and directions from traffic control personnel.

Bus Service Information

Effective Monday March 5th 2018, the 410 detour in Queensborough will be modified due to operational delays. 410 22nd Street Station will proceed directly onto Hwy 91a from Boyd Street. There will be no change to the existing 410 Railway detour, which travels in a single direction loop on Ewen Avenue, Gifford Street, Salter Street and Hampton Street. Two stops are added to facilitate transfers.

Road Closures & Detour Map

Effective January 8, 2018 the following road closures and detours will be in effect. Note that Ewen Avenue between Boundary Road and Gifford Street will remain open to local traffic only.


Ewen Avenue is the main east-west corridor that runs the length of Queensborough. It is the community's central spine, connecting residential areas to shops, schools, and recreation areas. Ewen Avenue also provides a key link for residents connecting to the Highway, the Queensborough Bridge, and the rest of the city.

With the continued growth and expansion of Queensborough, a detailed and functional design concept was created in order to accommodate various modes of transportation including pedestrians, cyclists and transit. The design was broken down into 3 phases, with an anticipated completion for the fall of 2018.

  • Phase one - Furness Street to Derwent Way
  • Phase two - Derwent Way to Hampton Street
  • Phase three - Hampton Street to Boundary Road

Phase one - Complete

The construction of Ewen Avenue Phase One started in 2013 and was completed in 2014. This phase of the project included: construction of an off-road multi-use path, partial ditch enclosures, street lighting, sewer main and electrical/communication ducts installation, road repaving, landscaping, installation of Sustainable and Integrated Storm Water Management features such as bioswales, road widening and new sidewalk between Derwent Way & Stanley Street.

Phase Two - Complete

The construction of Ewen Avenue Phase Two started in 2015 and was completed in 2017. This phase of the project included: full ditch enclosures, underground electrical & communication work, utility upgrades including installation of new sewer and water mains as well as Metro Vancouver watermain, road widening, road repaving, new sidewalk and multiuse path, street lighting, streetscape beautification, a new traffic signal at Howes Street and Ewen Avenue and traffic calming elements along the corridor.

Phase Three

Beginning in January 2018, the City of New Westminster and its contractors BD Hall Constructors Corp. will begin work on Phase 3 of the Ewen Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project. This work will be undertaken on Ewen Avenue from Hampton Street to Boundary Road. Construction will occur in sections and is anticipated to be complete by fall 2018.

The final phase of the Ewen Avenue Streetscape Improvement Project runs 800 meters in length from Hampton Street to Boundary Road. Similar to the first two phases of this project, Phase 3 will include the following improvements:

  • Full ditch enclosures
  • Construction of a multi-use pathway and new sidewalk
  • Street and pedestrian level installation of 36 new street lights
  • Extensive landscaping, including the planting of 105 new street trees
  • Installation of approximately 900m of sewer mains
  • Intersection improvements at Boundary Road and Ewen Avenue
  • Traffic calming elements along the corridor
  • Undergrounding of electrical and fibre lines

With all of these improvements, Ewen Avenue is expected to become a safer and more comfortable corridor for all road users, providing full connectivity from Furness Street to Boundary Road. We will endeavor to minimize disruption as much as possible. However, as with any construction project, some disruption is inevitable.

Construction information will be available to residents and businesses via three primary communications channels. They are as follows:

  1. The City has established a project webpage at www.newwestcity.ca/ewenavenue where a continuously updated construction schedule will be posted. You can also sign up for email construction alerts here.
  2. The City will be alerting residents through its Facebook and Twitter accounts of any upcoming disruptions.
  3. Residents who are directly affected by construction will receive a notification in the mail outlining the nature of the project prior to the contractor commencing work within a given area.


For more information, please contact Amir Aminpour at 604.515.3796 or email 

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